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OM Industrial Solutions SPL brand of Industrial Lubricants provides products that improve productivity, reduces mechanical wear, prevents system failure, and reduces energy cost, by extending efficiency and performance of machines. APL offers a variety of oils and lubricants to choose From the classic to the contemporary and from the new and emerging, to the technologically advanced. It combines performance, longevity, efficiency and economy. These specific additives in the lubricants developed by the company improve performance by controlling the chemical breakdown, maintaining viscosity and lubricity; thereby optimising maintenance cost.

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SPL Services

SPL provides Technical Analysis & after-sales support as per client requirement. This includes critical testing of parameters, suggesting solutions & equipment performance et cetera.

SPL also customizes products for its clients based on their need, specification and application. Our highly experienced and accomplished Research & Development Team tailor-develops the best product yielding optimum results in terms of performance, quality and longevity.

Dedicated Pre & After Sales Support

Specialised Technical Service.

Inhouse Testing.

Industrial Lubricants Mainstream

Our comprehensive range of industrial gear, hydraulic, compressor lubricants etc. Deliver the performance you need in every application, including the most demanding and energy intensive, where leading edge lubrication technology is vital.


We Offer An Extensive Range Of Industrial Technical Services To Help Our Customers Maximise Their Lubrication Program And Machine Availability, Allowing For A Clear Competitive Advantage That Also Offers Outstanding Value.


We Pride Ourselves On Reliable Quality. Our State-Of-The-Art In-House Test Facilities Ensure The Standard Of Oil Is Always At The Optimal Level. Our Test System Is Also Able To Meet The Performance Standard With ASTM And Guarantees The Best In Quality & Performance.

Industrial Lubricants Metalworking

Our series of products is an ensemble of the best and latest technology in soluble Metalworking fluids, neat cutting oils, quenching, honing, drawing and stamping products for all your metalworking applications.