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OM Industrial Solutions Ltd. is a leading provider of specialised industry offerings with a wide range of Lubricants, Oils, Greases & other speciality products. We are dedicated to consistently providing products that deliver stellar quality and comply with statutory requirements in the Automotive and Industrial Lubricants domain. Due to the effective application of effective system and our enduring perusal of conformity, we and our products have rapidly grown and set a high benchmark in the industry with our new, state-of-the-art facility near Patiala. OIS operates under its distinctive product divisions: SPL – (Industrial Lubricants) And also deals with Castrol and Mobil.

Om Industrial Solutions

We are an award-winning company.

We have been honored with the coveted 2018 ARABIAN Petroleum LimitedCircle of ExcellenceTM award.

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Competitive advantage through Customer Satisfaction and our only purpose is to deliver lightul results.

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We have a proven logistics system that prevents dysfunction and provides for efficient execution.


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We at OM INDUSTRIAL SOLUTION cater to the most important sectors like Manufacturing Industries, Steel Rolling industries, Fasteners industries, Paper industries, Automobiles,Cutting tools, Gear manufacturers,Textile, Cement, Tyre plants etc. and renowned Construction companies.

The company is run by highly experienced and trained Technical, Commercial and Other Staff who is well aware of current marketing trends.

We have a marketing network that spans Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh & Pune supported by a team of dedicated engineers who are available 24 x 7 for our customers.



Mineral & Synthetic Gear Oils

Hydraulic Fluids

Synthetic & Mineral Compressor Oils


Synthetic, Semi-Synthetic & Mineral Based Cutting Fluids

Rust Preventives



Synthetic, Semi & Mineral Based Thermic Fluids

Vacuum Oils

Turbine Oils

Refrigeration Oils

Textile Lubricants

Neat Cutting Oils


Multi-Purpose Lithium Greases

Complex Greases

Extreme Pressure Lithium Greases

Calcium Based Greases

Moly Based Lubricants & Specialities

High Temperature Greases

OM Industrial Solutions provides SPL brand of Industrial Lubricants provides products that improve productivity, reduces mechanical wear, prevents system failure, and reduces energy cost, by extending efficiency and performance of machines. APL offers a variety of oils and lubricants to choose From the classic to the contemporary and from the new and emerging, to the technologically advanced. It combines performance, longevity, efficiency and economy. These specific additives in the lubricants developed by the company improve performance by controlling the chemical breakdown, maintaining viscosity and lubricity; thereby optimising maintenance cost.

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